Multi-purpose IoT

Seamless plug and play experiences for a wide range of dynamic IoT applications


Platform Overview

hereO Core is an all in one IoT hardware, software, and service platform designed to smarten up virtually any product or asset across a wide range of consumer applications.

Configure, generate, and experience – that’s all there is to it!

Core Everything you need to deploy a cellular-connected product: the hardware, the SIM card, the global network, and the cloud service.

The hardware

With its unique combination of state of the art sensor, communication, and location technologies, the hereO Core Edge Computing Device (ECD) is the first board to support an end to end multi-purpose IoT configuration. And with its wide range of optional add-ons, including CAT-M1/NB-IoT connectivity, additional battery capacity, and hundreds of sensors to choose from, the Core ECD can be seamlessly integrated into virtually any existing or new IoT product.


The software

hereO Core software includes a proprietary IoT OS builder, cloud based management dashboard, and white label user app. Easily generate rich feature sets tailored to a wide range of IoT use cases, including drones, e-bikes, travel gear, and more. Once your IoT profile is generated, the edge computing device, cloud based management dashboard, and user app will be automagically configured to the defined feature list and target user experience.


The Service

hereO Core comes with a range of freemium features available to your users, free of charge. Premium features can be accessed ad hoc via iTunes or Google Play.

  • Core Cloud Dashboard: Manage your product fleet, analyze device data, and get real-time alerts
  • Core Experience App: Once your IoT profile is generated, the Core Experience App is automagically configured to the defined feature list and target user experience.
  • Cellular Connectivity Package: All hereO products come pre-bundled with global connectivity in +150 countries supported by AT&T in the US and Vodafone in the ROW.

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