Smart Asset Tracking

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Requirements for this project called for a first of its kind standalone Passive-to- Active cargo monitoring and tracking solution.

Activates on detection of outdoor environment

Accident detection
Alert is sent on detection of accident

Power saving mode
When device is idle, only monitoring functions are active

Notifies when cargo has entered or left designated area

Notifies if cargo is on a dangerous angle

Rough handling
Informs if cargo has been mishandled

Temperature & humidity
Monitors and notifies when temperature and humidity exceed pre-defined threshold

Environment detection
Auto environment (e.g truck or ship) detection and operational mode update

Asset data
Collect cargo location and sensory data

Destination arrival
Notifies when cargo has reach destination

Live tracking
Location mesh: GSM,WI-FI,GNSS and Mobile Sync

Full network mesh: GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, beacon and Mobile Sync