Personal mobility made smart

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Smart Scooter

Requirements for this project included safety, security, tracking and real-time rider behavior feedback.

Automatic On/Off feature via smartphone proximity

Accident alert
In an accident, an alert is sent to contact members

Lights On/Off
Remotely control light functionality

Unauthorized movement
Alert is sent if the e-scooter is tampered with

Speed limit
Remote speed control

Rider behavior
Distance, sessions, locations and more.

Overheating prevention
Noti es when the engine is overheating

Humidity monitoring
Noti es when engine compartment has moisture

Rough riding alert
Alerts family members if user is driving dangerously

Activate the e-scooter directly from the app

Live tracking
Collects GPS coordinates, and provides indoor tracking in anti- theft mode

GSM/GPRS and Mobile Sync