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Child GPS Locator

Requirements for this project include precision location capabilities, real-time notifications, safety and security features, and activity monitoring.

Activates when device is worn

Power saving mode
When idle, only monitoring mode is active

Activity monitor
Monitors fitness activity

Live tracking
Full network mesh: GSM/GPRS, Wi-Fi, beacon and Mobile Sync

Notifies when device enters or leaves designated area


Device removed
Informs when device is removed

Temperature monitoring
Monitors and notifies when temperature exceeds pre- defined threshold

Panic button
Sends SOS to family members with device location

 Fall detection
Sends alert to family members with device location

Gesture messaging
Sends messages to family members utilizing gestures (e.g triple tap)

Device modes
Provides parents with a range of predefined tracking and monitoring modes

Wireless leash
Notifies if child has wandered off via smartphone proximity